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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ#1: How long are you going for?
God willing, We are planning on living there for 12-15 years (with home assignments through out) until Teaghan finishes High School. We're still waiting on God to see what comes after that, but we're open to staying for as long as he wants us there.

FAQ#2: What do you do there?
Pete works alongside national leaders from the Africa Evangelical Church in training and encouraging the youth to know Christ and the reach their peers with the Gospel. This involves building relationships with the church, helping to set vision and strategy for the ministry and coordinating resources and activities to grow and improve youth ministry in Malawi.

Besides being a mum to the Onglets, Jo's ministry is running Tiyamike Sewing which is a sewing school empowering vulnerable women and girls with sewing and business skills, and helping them grow in God's Word.

FAQ#3: Are the kids homeschooled?
No. We are blessed to be in a town with an international school based on the British curriculum, and attended by about 60% local Malawian children and children from expatriate families.

FAQ#4: What language do they speak there?
Chichewa. We spent most of our first term getting a good grasp of the language and is now able to adequately communicate, preach, and teach... but there's still a long way to go towards fluency!

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