Ongs in Malawi



Sat. 4/17 3:30 PM SIM interview
Fri. 4/30 3:00 PM Pete's college interview

Please pray as Pete undergoes his interview with SMBC  to study full time next year.

Please also pray for college housing availability for next year as we hope to live closer to college.

Thu. 6/24 8:00 PM Pete to inform his parents re: missions Pete will be telling his parents today about our plans to go to Africa. They have not been supportive in the past and we are preparing for the worst. So please pray that God may open their eyes first of all to the Gospel, secondly to have peace in th... more
Fri. 6/10 8:40 AM Pete: Exam

Subject: Church History

Wed. 6/15 8:40 AM Pete: Exam

Subject: Theology

Wed. 6/22 9:00 AM Pete: Essay due

Subject: Cultural Anthropology

Sun. 1/8 9:00 AM Sharing@ABCC
Mon. 1/9 All day Jo's Birthday
Sun. 1/22 9:00 AM Preaching@EFC
Mon. 1/23
Mon. 1/30
10:00 AM
11:00 AM
Family Holiday
Mon. 2/6
Wed. 2/8
All day Morling Intensive Course

Research Methods

Wed. 2/8 All day 9th Wedding Anniversary
Wed. 2/15
Thu. 2/16
All day Morling Retreat
Thu. 2/23 All day Teaghan's B'day
Mon. 2/27
Fri. 3/2
All day Morling Intensive Course

Theology, Culture and the Mission of the Church: Leading the Church for Mission in the Twenty First Century

Sat. 3/10 All day Teaghy & Lucas B'day Party
Mon. 3/12 7:00 PM Morling Graduation Service
Fri. 3/23 All day Pete's B'day
Sun. 3/25 All day Lucas' B'day
Tue. 3/27
Wed. 4/4
All day SIMCO
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