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Oh blessed boobies!

Posted on August 8, 2011 at 8:10 AM

Another day in God's School of Faith... 
I learnt a few things today that I know I will draw on in our missions journey in the future.

Micaiah woke this morning after a long almost 13 hr sleep and decided that she didn't want to eat today.
She normally loves her boobies but this morning all she did was scream and scream... uh oh...

By the time she missed her 2nd feed at lunchtime, it had been 18 hrs since she last fed and we started to get worried about her hydration, and so we took her to the emergency department.

The doctors there couldn't find anything wrong with her but were worried that she was still not feeding. By late afternoon, they decided that if she still refused her milk (we tried both breast and bottle), then she'd have to go on a drip, and have an ultrasound taken to check her bladder, followed by drawing a wee sample with a needle, then blood tests. My poor baby!

With Micaiah refusing both breast and bottle, there really was no other way to get her to drink. There was nothing we could do except pray and trust God becausew we know that he loves Micaiah and cares for her. I don't think I have ever felt so helpless when caring for my kids :( It really brought me to my knees in front of God. LESSON 1 - RELY ON GOD

Within 15 mins of asking people to pray that Micaiah would drink, in order to avoid the drip and needles, she drank 50mls from a bottle!! Followed not long after by a breastfeed! 22.5 hrs after her last feed. LESSON 2 - PRAY PRAY PRAY!!

God knows our needs before we even ask him. One of our dear neighbours had given us some pasta bake last night which was meant for dinner for tonight, because she had made too much (thanks Mon!). What a blessing that was when Pete rushed home from emergency to feed Teaghan and Lucas before heading back to hospital in the evening!! God knew we needed that! :) LESSON 3 - GOD KNOWS OUR NEEDS

I'm thankful for these lessons, but sure hope God decides to teach these things another way next time!

20 hrs of not eating....

Finally... happy after a boobie. 22.5 hrs after her last feed!

~ Jo

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Reply Margaret
1:09 AM on September 4, 2011 
Oh dear! How terrifying it must have been for you both to see your dear little one in such a state!! As a mother and now grandmother, I can empathise with you. I still panic (that's just me) in stressful situations, needing to be reminded of God's grace and His faithfulness over the years, so thanks for your testimony in this blog. Did you ever find out what caused all the trouble? She's an adorable little one, to be sure!!!
Reply Pete & Jo
7:54 AM on September 4, 2011 
Thanks Margaret :) She's done it another couple of times since the blog, but they didn't last anywhere as long! Apparently it's not uncommon in babies between 12-16 weeks old, Micaiah was 14 weeks when it happened. It's never happened with our older two!
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