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Where will we be in 2011?

Posted on August 24, 2010 at 11:25 AM

It's been a little while since our last post by Pete. So what's been happening?


We are now at the medical/dental/psych part of the application process. Then comes the big D. The doctrinal assessment, which unfortunately does not allow wives to cheat off knowledgeable husbands :)

So my teeth are cleared, after a filling, a root canal treatment and three wisdom tooth extractions!

Teaghan's 20 little teeth are all good.

The boys have yet to get their teeth checked... we thought we'd wait a while before getting Lucas' checked, since he only has a grand total of 8 teeth at present.


Since breaking the news to Pete's parents, we have received two letters from his Dad, basically voicing his concerns about our decision which is totally consistent with a Chinese parent who does not understand the impact of the Cross on theirs and our lives. Pete received a letter when we went to Ethiopia in 2001. So we'd appreciate continual prayers for that.


Well, after putting in the application to study at SMBC next year, we just found out that there are NO accomodation available for next year. Not even the teeny 2 bedroom unit we thought we'd get at least. Sooo that's thrown a spanner in the works... We'd like to live close to college so I can undertake some part-time studies.

We will not be able to afford to pay for the mortgage of our current place without renting it out. So staying put is out. SIM recommends that we do not sell up, so that we have a place to come back to in the future.

Places to rent around the Croydon area (where SMBC is) are too expensive. So that's out.

Staying at Mum's in Bexley is too cramped (we'll all have to squish into my old bedroom/granny flat), so that's out too. 

So now we are considering Morling College - a reputable Baptist Bible college in Ryde. I am still coming round to the idea of Morling... it's a little like the difference between UNSW and USyd, as some of you would understand!

The advantages of Morling:

- Close to church in Dural

- Close to other activities the kids are currently involved in (swimming, playgroup, etc)

- Close to PHCS which means Teaghan might get to go to Prep.

- Close to Pete's parents, which might make them happy and soften the blow of missions.

- Morling has 3 bedroom townhouses, which we have a better chance of getting than at SMBC. Or else, they are pretty sure they can get us a 2 bedroom place. There are currently 10 families who have applied for 6 available 3 bedroom places, but some of these families have only 1 child so we might stand a chance with an extra couple of Onglets.

Sooo... we are considering.

Despite some unhelpful and discouraging rumours we have heard about the teaching at Morling. Pete has looked into it and has found their subjects and lecturers to be comparable to ones at SMBC, so we are happy for Pete to learn more about the Bible there.

Pete plans to lodge his application with Morling soon and see how it goes from there. 


I'm feeling a little sad about giving up my business, which I have worked so hard to get to where it is now. It's been particularly hard seeing friends also start up similar businesses. I wish I had the years ahead of me in Australia to develop the business like they can. The Cupcake Gallery is just at a very good place now, with a good reputation, regular customers, and increasing media exposure. We have decided not to take any orders for next year so we can concentrate of getting ready to leave, but will still be running workshops as that would help us financially. This has gotten me thinking a lot about surrendering. I prefer the term 'surrender' to 'sacrifice'. 'Sacrifice' to me seems to focus more on the giver than the one the sacrifice is being made for. Surrendering to me is more about giving back to God what he gave you, entrusting it into his hands for him to look after until further notice. He may put it on a shelf forever like a proud father displays the trophies of his children, or he may get it down for me again when He sees that the time is right to continue to bless the business as he has over the past 2.5 years. So God *sigh*, here it is. Please take very good care of it for me!

~ Jo

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