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Posted on September 11, 2011 at 7:45 AM

It's been a month since we did our last post...

We're going to try to post an update at least once a month now that preparations are hotting up...

What's been happening?

On the SIM application front, we're thanking God that we've moved a few more steps closer to our destination.

  • We've answered 640+ questions each for our psychometric assessments.
  • All 5 of us have been to our GP for our medical assessments.
  • Pete and I have had our mantoux tests to test for exposure to TB.
  • We've decided on pursuing a Youth Ministry Coordinator role for Pete which he's excited about. This role is also somewhat linked to the children's ministry which I can get involved in once our little family has settled into life in our new home.
  • We've enrolled the kids into international schools there. Even though we're not officially appointed yet, we went ahead with enrolments so as not to miss out on a place. We've got their names down at two schools at the moment (the only two British international schools in the town we'll be going to) and will make a final decision a bit later. Teaghan will be going into the British Year 1 (kindy equivalent), and Lucas into Nursery.
What's next?
  • Blood tests for me and all three kids.
  • Psychometric interview (29th September)

... after that we hope to be officially appointed by Nov 2011 so we can start raising support to go! How exciting!!

Teaghan and Lucas will also need Mantoux tests done (which involves a needle and injecting a substance under the skin which they're not allowed to scratch or cover with a bandaid), but they can get this done after we're appointed. Not looking forward to that one!!

Our plans are to leave beginning of July 2012 to give ourselves a couple of months to find a house and car, etc, and then another month to settle in before the kids start school in Sept.

Preparing the kids

Everything seemed so straight forward when we made our initial commitments to God as two singles for Him to use us wherever and whenever. Everything seemed to much more straight forward without kids.

On this side of things, a lot of our preparation are centered around the kids. Preparing the kids (especially Teaghan who does not like change) emotionally to go. Preparing them to move away from people, places, and things that are close to their little hearts. We know that God will look after them and that they will have an amazing time there, but nonetheless there are things we can do now to help make this transition as smooth as possible for them.

We have begun a 'program' to prepare Teaghan and Lucas, which includes lessons on:
  • Our God who loves us and who made us and our family (to help them feel secure in knowing that God and our little family will not change).
  • Parts of our world (moving the another 'country' is a hard concept to explain to under 5s when they hardly know what a country is!)
  • Our emotions (to equip them with words to express their feelings when they go thru all the changes in 2012)
  • God' blessings of friends (that he has given us friends here who we'll miss terribly, but he will also give us new friends in our new home)
  • Moving to another country
  • What is Malawi like?
We're also working on a website/blog for the kids (much like this one), where they can get excited about keeping in touch with their friends and where their friends can learn about what missions is all about as well as about the Malawian culture. We'll be launching this website once we're appointed so watch this space!

Micaiah will still be too young to be affected much, but could you please join us in praying for Teaghan and Lucas that they'll adjust well to the changes ahead? Especially for Teaghan who has already started saying that she'll miss her friends and still gets teary over missing our cat Moonbie who we had to give away 8 months ago to move to college. 

~ Jo

PS. Mandasi's are African doughnuts :)

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Reply Vivien Kwok
11:43 AM on September 11, 2011 
Keep praying for your family from HongKong
Reply Jackie Zoe
11:34 PM on November 1, 2011 
Hi Jo,

Am very touched and encouraged by what your family is doing...obedience to God and having the faith to step out of your comfort zones.

Our God is a debtor to no man. As you take care of His house, He will take care of your house too. I pray that the Lord will give you and your hubby wisdom to handle your kids (helping them make adjustments etc) and surround you and your family with favour and wonderful Godly friends in Africa.

I will miss your wonderful sugar creations.

The Lord bless you and keep you,
Jackie Zoe