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Envy, and the seductiveness of things

Posted on May 20, 2010 at 6:30 AM

I’m usually pretty good at articulating what I’m feeling, but for once I’m finding it hard... I’ve been thinking a lot and trying to work out my thoughts and have been finding it hard to arrange them in an orderly manner.


I’ve been struggling with the whole issue of money and things. To be exact, I’ve been struggling with the thought of letting go of these as we prepare to go on mission.


Instead of trying to express what's in my head, I’ll just share a couple of things God has been teaching me lately.


I attended a women’s conference recently ( and heard a thought provoking talk on envy. I’m full of envy. The more I struggle with the thought of giving up my things for missions, the more I envy those who have the things I know I will never be able to afford.




The speaker  defined envy as “the pain of another’s good fortune”.

Envy says: “what about me?” and “why them?”. Envy attempts to destroy the happiness of another.


If left unchecked, envy can lead to the destruction of relationships as we fail to rejoice with those who do well but rather prefer to offer ‘constructive criticism’ or sometimes silence.


Deep down, it is not about resentment against the person but resentment against God. 

“Why did God give them what I wanted instead of me?”


Envy focuses on what we do not have, rather than what we do have.

Envy blinds us to what God has blessed us with.

I really liked this quote: “Don’t envy what’s over there because God is doing His work over here.”




God graciously timed this in my devotions recently, just as I’m in the thick of struggling with this whole issue of ‘things’.


May 13

Do you realise that the very blessing of the Lord can seduce our affections away from the Giver to the gifts if we do not hold them in an open hand?

The Bible says “From everyone who has been given much, much will be required” (Luke 12:48).........Have our hearts become captivated with the seductiveness of “things” rather than with a fervent, sacrificial love for our God and for the furtherance of His kingdom?

Prayer: How I need you, Lord. You have blessed me in so many ways. Let me never lose sight of the Giver in my enjoyment of Your gifts. Show me how best to honour You with all my substance.

As I look around me, I can see all that God has blessed me with. Thank you God.

I think these are important lessons for me to learn now.  Thank you God.

~ Jo

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