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Makki 14-01-2002

Posted on November 14, 2009 at 4:40 AM

Gradually working through the Makki diary...





Mon 14th January 2002


Went with Thomas to the Mursi Village on top of the hill in the afternoon. It was quite an experience to see all the huts, people especially the children playing. The people are really friendly and very curious about seeing me. They would marvel at my hair on my legs, chin and my facial features too! (Post entry note: The Mursi do not have facial hair nor do they have hair on their arms or legs so it was a facinating sight for them to see me).


The kids are very friendly and they seem to be so joyful all the time. Some of the kids I've met have the most beautiful smiles I have come across... It's a great lesson for me as I think of the 'western' culture I have come from... having so much yet people are so joyless... discontent. The kids here are content. They enjoy the simple things that they have. They have shown me a joy that I should have!


Photo: Mursi Kids


Was woken up this morning by noises on the roof. Wasn't sure at first what it was but found out that it was Bryon. He had some how managed to escape the front verandah and was trying to find his way back into the verandah enclosure. Had to wake up a few times until I finally was able to let him in. I think he was hungry and was looking for food! He would only eat mangos!


Photo: 'Bryon' the African Civet... the cause of many sleepless nights!


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