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Makki Diary 11-01-2002

Posted on October 12, 2009 at 12:10 AM

It has been good being reminded again of what I learnt those many years ago. It still holds true today.




Photo: Gilbert (Owl) & Naretae (Dog)


Friday 11 Jan 02

Didn’t sleep very well last night. Wasn’t able to get to sleep until the early morning…kept being woken up by noises outside. It must have been Bryon (pet African Civet) and Naretae (Pet dog) having a go at each other again…


The Geddes left yesterday for Jinka and they’ll be heading to Aber Minch today. It rained in the early morning… hope their 4WD don’t get bogged down on the way there!


Jon left me with a list of things I could do while they are away. I’m not too sure how to approach things at the moment. Need much wisdom to know which things are important to do first and how to relate with the Mursi. Had a good time of fellowship with Thomas last night over dinner. It was good to have a chat with him and find out abit more about him.

Got a radio message from Jo this morning. She says she had a good birthday… her front door was decorated… her hair got plaited like that of an African’s! And her mum called to say “Happy Birthday”. Miss Jo very much… hope to see her soon.


Have been reading about the sovereignty of God in Chuck Swindoll’s book. I’m finding it a very appropriate book to read at this time... being alone in the Geddes’ place… being a stranger in a strange place, not knowing the language nor the culture very well is very humbling indeed. I am at the mercy of God! I too need to acknowledge God’s sovereign rule and right over my life. Until I do, I will never feel at peace in my heart and mind. God's sovereignty is indeed unfathomable! He works in ways that we cannot fully understand. For myself, I need to keep asking God to take control of my life and to surrender everything to Him no matter what the cost. It is one thing to know it in theory but another to actually do it or know how to do it....There is no need to fear the uncertainties when you surrender every aspect of your life to God, trusting His sovereignty and faithfulness. I need to take God at His word that what He has in stored for my life is for my good and most of all for His glory!


Father, please help me to have an unwavering trust in you… taking you at your word because you have proven to be sovereign and faithful. Give me the peace of heart and mind that comes from fully trusting you. Amen!

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