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Crossing home cultures

Posted on September 25, 2009 at 10:15 AM

We've been going to Dural Baptist for more than 3 years now. We'd come out of a Chinese church background into this majority caucasian church.


Many of our chinese Christian friends who go to Chinese churches ask us why we'd decided to go to a caucasian church.


Well, we decided that with missions in mind, we wanted to stretch ourselves to 'cross cultures', rather than going to a church where it would not take much effort to understand the culture. Though we've grown up here in Australia, sometimes it still takes a little time to warm up to caucasians. I guess growing up in Chinese families means that you automatically understand the culture of others who have also grown up in Chinese families. It is not strange for us to see plastic on couches or shoes at doors, because we've grown up in that culture)


We thought, if we don't even feel comfortable attending a caucasian church -the culture in which we are immersed and have grown up in, then how are we to feel comfortable in a third culture when we reach the mission field?? or when we are surrounded by other caucasian missionaries when we are in Africa, as will most likely be the case. At least this way, it is one less thing to have to adjust to when we get there.


So with that in mind, we started at Dural Baps and have not regretted it. It did take us a little while to warm up and we did feel a bit strange the first few weeks there being the only Asians walking into a sea of white...! But now we don't even think twice about it and at times probably even forget that we look a little different! People know us, the Ongs, now and I no longer wonder if poeple are wondering if we can speak English!! We have learnt so much from being at DBC. It's great to see how another church does things.


~ Jo

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