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Posted on February 12, 2013 at 12:40 PM

Chinamen eat people.

So that's what we were confronted with as we opened our gate 30 mins before our very first monthly Kalabu ya Ana ya Baibulo (Kids Bible Club) was due to begin. Kids had begun to arrive, but we were surprised to see that after coming in and waiting around for a few minutes, a few had gotten up and left. Dickson then explained to us that some in Malawi believe that Chinese folk eat people. Great. We were discouraged but trusted that God would bring others to the KBC.

Together with Dickson, we prayed for the KBC that God would use it for his glory.

At 2:05pm, we made a start with the 10 or so kids that God had brought to our place so far, but slowly more and more joined us, until our yard was filled with 60+ kids...  most looking a little unsure about these Chinemen standing before them. Slowly, those who were a bit uncertain (that we would eat them??) began to relax, especially as we began speaking in Chichewa. With God’s enabling, we introduced ourselves and nervously told our over-rehearsed story in Chichewa of when our Creator called the world into being. 

We had spent the previous week working hard with our language teacher Fannie as she assisted us in writing the story of Creation, translating a song, working out instructions for craft and games, and any other words we may need, such as “khalani” (please sit), “wokoza!” (good!), “munene nane” (you say it with me), and “tidzaonana mwezi wamawa” (see you next month). We were stretched in our language learning but thankful for the opportunity to grow in our knowledge of the local language.

Part of the challenge of running the KBC was that we wanted it to be one day replicable for the locals. After all, our job is to do ourselves out of a job by training local Christians to reach and teach their own. This meant that we needed to use methods and materials that are easily available to Christians here, so instead of using felt pictures to tell the story, glue sticks and scissors for craft, we used a blackboard, chalk, and pictures drawn on the back of old cardboard. For craft, we made bees out of used egg cartons, pre-cut newspaper, and elastics.

Overall, we had an awesome time hanging out with the kids, teaching them the Word of God, and also learning so much from them in return. Next month, the Kid’s Bible Club will be held 2 weeks before Easter. We will be teaching about the Fall linked with the story of the cross. Would you pray with us that God would bring to our place kids who need to hear about the saving work of Christ and also that we’ll communicate well the message of God’s amazing grace for us in sending Jesus.

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