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How are we going?

Posted on August 27, 2012 at 3:05 PM

So how are we going?


Pete has been busy coordinating with different workers the things around the house that need to be fixed - electricals, installing masquito screens, fixing broken lights for security... as well as tidying up unfinished business back in Sydney (cancelling mobile/internet contracts, etc). He was recently initiated into Malawi by receiving a 11,000kwacha (AUD$38.5) fine for not having a Malawian licence (we have since found out that it was a bogus fine as by law we have 3-6 months to obtain a local licence). Pete has enjoyed interacting with our guard and carpenters and talking to them about their faith. He also recently visited the youth sports ministry run by another SIM missionary and was encouraged to see the Malawian youth having a real heart for learning about God's word.


Jo has had her ups and downs over the past weeks. She hit a low 2 weeks after arriving when everything was new and she was still lacking confidence driving our manual car on African roads. But since then, God has been lifting her spirits and settling her fears (of driving). Jo has been busy setting up home - unpaking boxes, sewing curtains, shopping for household items, etc... Now that our home is almost set up, she is feeling more settled and looking forward to baking her first cake in Malawi as soon as the oven is up and running. Jo is also enjoying doing Sunday School with Teaghan, Lucas, and one other missionary kid at their new Chichewa speaking church - Bangwe African Evangelical Church


Our heavenly Father continues to care for our sensitive big girl. She has really missed Grammy over the past few weeks, crying most days and screaming in her sleep. But thanks to the prayers of many, she is getting better and now able to talk about Grammy without crying. She will start Standard 1 on 4th September at St Andrews International School, her teacher's name is Miss Berry. She is excited yet apprehensive about starting at a new school. Teaghan has shown a real aptitude for learning a new language, often surprising us by using some of the Chichewa phrases she's heard us speak. She is keen to take Chichewa lessons with our language teacher.


Lucas is loving the dirt here in Malawi where he can play with his cars and make tracks. His behaviour has settled tremendously since first leaving Sydney, with a lot of the daily tantrums being replaced by just the usual 'boyness' - running around, being noisy, being rough, annoying his sisters, etc. He has been sucking his thumb less and not needing his speical 'alien blanket' as much which shows he is feeling more secure. He loves to roll down our car window to 'hear the cars' and say "Mulibwanji" (How are you?) to locals passing by. Lucas appears to be popular with locals here, with Malawians often wanting to stop and greet him! Maybe its his bouncey cheeks! :) Praise God also that Lucas has taken a real interest in praying and singing God-songs. 


Caya contnues to be her friendly self, always wanting to wave and say "heyo" at anyone and everyone passing by, which is proving to be a great conversation starter. She has mastered standing up herself and can take one step on her own! She is speaking more and has a few words in her vocab not besides "Mama" and "Daddy, she now also says "I know" "uh oh" "water" and "what's that?". She is even picking up some Chichewa and says "nana!" when we say "tionana!" (bye/see you) to people. She had her first Malawian hospital experience after getting sick from eating dirt from a flower pot. Caya has taken a real liking to our day guard Dickson (father of 2 young kids) and enjoys playing with him and is happy for him to carry her around the yard.

Praise Points:

- New friendships for us and for the kids.

- Mostly settled children.

- Good school for the kids.

- That we've been able to get around by ourselves and finding out where to buy things.

- Great new SIM Malawi family.

- That we are nearing the end of our setting up home.

Prayer Points:

- We'll need to go get our Malawian licences in the coming month or two. We may need to do a road test, or we may not. It is totally random and depends on the person at the roads and traffic authority on the day! Please pray especially for Jo to increase in confidence in driving manual.

- Lucas had a bad slip in the bathroom last week which has resulted in a traumatised tooth which has started turning grey. Google tells us that is not a worry right now but should be monitored for abscess in which case extraction or root canal may be necessary. In most cases the tooth is restored to full health on its own. Please pray for that.

- We are excited that we will begin our language classes on 10th Sept. Please pray that we may have humility and patience as we learn.

- Kids start school 4th September. Please pray as they settle into the new school routine. Classes go from 7:15am-12pm with one break in between. Teaghan will be going 5 days and Lucas 3 days at this stage.

- Pray that Teaghan will make friends at school. She finds it a challenge to make friends in big group settings.

- Pray as we consider buying a 2nd car sometime in the future. We do not need one right now but may need one later when Pete starts ministry which may include travelling to rural areas. A 2nd car will enable Jo to take the kids to school and do grocery shopping, etc in Pete's absence. This will need to come out of our personal funds. Please pray for the sale of our car back in Sydney to enable the purchase of a 2nd car if we choose to get one.

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Reply Kirsten
11:03 AM on August 30, 2012 
Muli bwanji? (:

Hey(: my name is kirsten and I've been following your blog now for a couple of months but thought I'd finally say something as I'll be coming over for three months in late November with SIM(: hoping to meet your family as I've been really encouraged by your blog and how God has brought you over to Malawi and continued to sustain you there !(:

I've been learning bits of chiChewa aswell(: and will be praying for you as you start language school!(: