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God prepared my Mum too

Posted on July 11, 2012 at 9:35 AM

No more weeks to go!!

We have departed Sydney and have just arrived in Singapore for a week of rest and refreshment before leaving for Malawi on 18th July.

What a hectic time the last 4 weeks have been! 

Much of that time was spent packing. First packing our boxes to be sent to Malawi, then packing to move out of Morling college, then packing suitcases to leave for Singapore. On top of that was the passport fiasco but praise God that Jo finally got her passport... 2 business days before departure! Perfect God timing!

So much of what has happened in the past 4 weeks had seemed impossible at the time but God has graciously made it all happen. He blessed us with physical strength when we were lacking in sleep, friends to help out when we needed it, encouragement where there was discouragement... and by HIS enabling, everything was made POSSIBLE.

Saying last goodbyes was the hardest thing we had to do. It was difficult for us to say goodbye to close friends and family, but the part that broke my heart was seeing Teaghan sob as she farewelled her beloved Grammy (my mum). These two have a special bond. I know they will miss each other heaps.

Sometimes I feel bad that I'm taking Mum's only grandkids away. 

On the night before departure, I was blessed to be able to spend some time, in the midst of packing, talking with Mum and crying together with her. I shared with Mum my worries for her as she grows old in my absence.

She shared with me that back in 2004, she was reading the biography of Hudson Taylor and read that his mother was 72 when she saw him off to the mission field for the first time. God put it on her heart then that that would be Mum one day, that she would see her own child off to the mission field at age 72. In 2004, Pete and I had only been married for a year and only just beginning to work out what being called to missions meant for us. We didn't share with Mum the timing of when we wanted to leave (we had originally planned for 2010) and she didn't share with us what God had put on her heart as she didn't want that to affect us as we worked out his calling.

And so the day finally came for us to leave for the mission field, farewelled by my 72 year old mother whose heart God had already prepared to one day release her child to do God's work overseas.

May that be an encouragement to anyone who might worry about how their parents may react to their serving cross-culturally. God not only preapres those heading overseas to expand his kingdom but also those who are close to them.

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