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Zero for the Devil

Posted on January 8, 2012 at 5:45 AM

Sometimes it's kinda comforting to face 'spiritual attacks' from Satan, cos it means that you must be on the right track for God! I remember that during our mission application process, whenever we moved a step further in the process, something bad would happen. It was clearly Satan trying to discourage us.

And so there it was again as we prepared to go on our first deputation visit at the cantonese and mandarin services at my mum's church Ashfield Chinese Baptist.

The night before, as we went to turn on our computer where the powerpoint presentation was stored, it refused to turn on. This happened months earlier and the computer could take up to 10 hrs to boot but it was fixed with a whole new motherboard. It was 10pm so we really didn't have 10 hrs to wait! So we put a prayer request status update on Facebook using Pete's laptop and waited. 30 mins later, it booted up again. ONE for God, zero for Satan.

Caya has been sleeping thru to 8am for the past week. Hooray!! But of course she had to wake at 5:30am the night before our deputation (nothing like being greeted by a poo at 5:30!). Considering we didn't get to bed til 2:30am and had to be up at 7:30am. It was not what I needed. But we all got up on time and out the door on time. TWO for God, zero for Satan.

On the morning of the sharing, I put my contacts in and they stayed dry and fuzzy. Very strange. I blinked and I blinked, and I cleaned them and cleaned them again, and they were still fuzzy. I prayed, it cleared up. THREE for God, zero for Satan.

We got to the church, and gave the powerpoint to the tech guy, but the screen was so bright that our presentation was 'bleached out' - you couldn't read a thing!! Thank goodness we arrived early so there was time and the tech guy changed the font colour. FOUR for God, zero for Satan.

Overall, PRAISE GOD that everything went very well and we were much encouraged by the people we met and those who have pledged to support us in prayer and financially :)

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